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Background Removal FAQs

Why use inPixio’s background remover?

inPixio Remove Background provides hd quality background removal, meaning that your final image retains its quality. What’s more your background is removed 100% automatically for free.
Can I change the background of my photo?
Yes! After erasing the background from your image with the background remover, simply go to “Replace background” and choose a new background from the selection. Find out more on our background changer page.

Can I remove my background manually?

The free background remover uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) with machine learning to detect backgrounds automatically. But you can also manually select the areas of the image to erase and keep using the red and green markers.

Is the finished image transparent?

Yes, removing the background from your photo creates a transparent image that you can download in png format.

How do I remove the background of a picture on my phone?

The process for removing an image background on your phone is the same as on a computer. Simply upload a photo to the online background remover and download the finished image to your phone.

Is the background remover available as a desktop application?

Yes, in addition to the online tool, inPixio’s background removal software is available in our Photo Studio app for desktop. Photo Studio features a high precision background remover, as well as a whole toolkit for making amazing photos.