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Change background FAQS

How to change the background of a picture for free?

Many sites offer free background change, but often these sites reduce the quality of the final image. For HD quality background replacement that's 100% free, inPixio's Remove Background is the perfect background changer.

What is the best app to change photo background?

Most photo editing programs include background remover software. inPixio's photo editor for Windows, Photo Studio, has powerful tools to remove and replace backgrounds as well as skies.

How to change background of photo to white

With our free tools you can delete the backdrop of your photo to create a clean image. Then it's easy to paste this onto your own background, or onto a plain white background. White backgrounds are particularly popular in product photography.

Is the finished image transparent?

Yes, removing the background from your photo creates a transparent image that you can download in png format.

How to change image background for professional photos

First use a free background remover to get a transparent background, then paste your images onto solid color backgrounds or custom backgrounds and wallpapers. This is an easy way to create product photos and marketing materials.

How to smooth the edges of a selection?

Feathering the outline of your selection helps to smooth the edges between the image foreground and the new image background. Check the Adjust box and increase or decrease the amount of smoothing with the slider.

How do I choose a new background?

Choose a new backdrop that highlights your subject. A good background is usually one that compliments your original photo. Simple colors and motifs are often best for portrait and product photos as they help put the focus on your subject.

How to change photo background color?

To change the background color of your photo, first remove the original background. You can do this with a free tool, such as inPixio. Then paste your transparent image onto a white background or any other color background. To change background color more quickly, try a photo background change app for desktop.