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Online text editor FAQs

How can I add text to a picture for free?

An online text editor is the easiest way to add text to photos for free. Many online photo editor tools provide a free feature for adding text, featuring custom fonts and all the tools you need to edit your text

How to make text stand out on an image?

The goal with the Add Text To Photo tool is to make the text stand out clearly to the viewer. When you add a text box to a photo it helps to choose an image that is not too busy or complex. Another tip is to use a prominent font with eye-catching text effects and also to orient the text around certain elements in the photo.

What are some fun fonts?

As well as classic fonts like Times New Roman and Arial, there are many different styles of fun fonts to choose from. Curly fonts such as Nickainley-Normal and Stella Wilson are great for creating a handwriting effect. Alternatively, OldNewspaperTypes provides a retro typewriter font style. For a more futuristic look, you could try Forced Square. Last but not least, Impact remains a popular font for making fun memes.