Make original montages with your own photos

The Photomontage feature in Photo Studio makes it easy to turn everyday snapshots into something special.

Whether it’s fun pictures to share with friends, or greetings for special occasions, you have all the tools you need to create amazing designs.

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Cut out in one click

The quick cut-out tool uses artificial intelligence to automatically isolate your subject. Then you can easily use your image in different designs and on different backgrounds.

What’s more, you can import unlimited images and cut-outs to use in your photomontages. Your imagination knows no bounds? Neither does Photo Studio!

Cut out AI

Choose a background or template

Add your cut-out photos to the background of your choice to create a personalized photomontage.

Looking for inspiration? Photo Studio includes a selection of ready-to-use photomontage templates for making fun pictures and cards. AI automatically fits your photo to the template and you can also customize the final result to suit your style.

Choose a background or template
Add text and graphics

Add text and graphics

From birthday greetings to inspiring quotes, add messages and graphics to your pictures and make them stand out from the crowd.

Choose from professional text samples that you can adjust to fit your picture. And why not finish your photomontage with fun shapes and stickers.

Photomontage in action

Create original pictures

Add yourself, your friends, and family to any background and build stunning new pictures from your old photos.

Design personalized greetings

From birthdays to holidays, design pictures to mark any occasion. Use our ready-made text and stickers for an instant polished look.

Make fun(ny) photos

Create memes and fun images to share with friends. Try one of our backgrounds and take a trip to New York, Paris or outer space!

Design professional images

Create a montage or poster for your business or organization. Easily combine your own photos with customizable text and save time on design.

Build creative photomontages with Photo Studio

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